Who I Am

Growing up in historic Williamsburg, Virginia, I've had a deep love for history, symbolism and stories throughout my life. I started my attractions career at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and transferred to Orlando to work at SeaWorld in 2004. Once I got down here, my interests, skills and career flourished along with my love for visually communicating, which has led me to start my own business and work with many exciting companies. Now I pursue any job that allows me to help tell a story that is meaningful and makes our world a FUNNER and more interesting place to live.

A Few of My Favorite Things

-SLICE Creative Network
I created and run SLICE Creative Network: an online network of creative freelancers serving the attractions industry nationwide.
-Balocoloc Venetian Masks
I assist my husband in maintaining his Venetian Mask business here in Orlando at EPCOT.
-Italian Renaissance Art History
I have degrees in Graphic Design and Italian Renaissance Art History, and my hero is Leonardo DaVinci.
I play the flute and piccolo, and music of all kinds is a very big part of my life. Occasionally, I play with the Orlando VFW Community Band! My name is Melody for a reason!